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Pedicure & Manicure

At Naturelle Nails, we aim for perfection in caring for your nails. We will indulge your hands with a soothing soak and massage to relieve tension and improve circulation. Nails will be shaped and cuticles crimped with precision and care. Quality polishes are used to get nails smoothed and looking their best. Our luxurious pedicures begin with a refreshing whirlpool soak in our massage chairs, which feature the latest technology for ultimate hygiene and comfort. This is followed by shaping, filing and light buffing of the nails and cuticle trimming. A relaxing massage follows that will leave you with very happy feet!

Ladies Gentlemen


$17 $20


$27 $30

Manicure & Pedicure

$42 $50


Shellac Nails is the latest technological advance in nail care and the beauty world is raving about the results. In fact, this revolutionary product is changing the way women get their nails done. Shellac Nails look as good if not better than acrylic nails, but last up to 14 days without losing shine or shimmer. They are hard and do not scratch or smudge. When it comes time to take them off the nail, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and it does not damage the nail itself.

Hands Feet

Additional Massage

$8 $10 (10 mins)


$8 $10

Callus Treatment

N/A $5

Clear Gel

$10 $10

Shellac Color Change

$25 $30


$5 and up $5 and up

French Tip

$5 $5

Polish Change

$10 $12

French Polish Change

$12 $15

Nail Enhancements

Naturelle Nails is professionally certified in offering both Bio Sculpture, giving you the choice of the most advanced treatments on the market today for transforming nails back to a youthful, beautiful appearance. Even the most cracked or worn nails can look natural and shiny again, and stay that way even after repeated polish removals.
Bio sculpture gel treatment is applied with the help of ultraviolet light, leaving the nail flexible and with a natural glossy finish. Bio sculpture creates strong, thin, light, natural looking nails that are so beautiful.

Full Set Fills


$32 $22 / Pink Fill $25

White Tip

$35 $20

Pink & White

$50 $40 (back fills)

Glitter/Color Acrylic

$55 $45 and up

Bio Gel

$60 and up $40 and up

Silk Wrap

$50 $35

SNS Dipping Powder

$40 $30



SNS Nails Dipping Powder create and maintain healthy nails by adding Vitamins A, E, D3, B5 and Calcium.
SNS Nails Powder has no odor, no primer, no liquid, much thinner and light weight.



Naturelle Nails professionals will gently remove unwanted facial and body hair in the privacy of your own beauty and relaxation room. The non-stick wax will leave your skin feeling smooth and silky.



Upper Lip




Face (brows not included)






Half Arms

$25 and up



Full Arms

$40 and up

Partial Chest or Back

$40 and up

Half Legs

$35 and up

Full Legs

$50 and up

Full Legs with Bikini



$30 and up

KIDS ( 8 & UNDER )





Polish Change (hands)


Polish Change (feet)